Saturday, September 6, 2008


Should have been called Mud Obstacle Course! This thing was 6.2 miles of insanity! The course was 3.1 miles so for the 10k you had to do everything twice! It started with jumping over huge pipes and haystacks, then came to an incredibly steep hill, after that were a ton of small hills in succession with water pits in between! Then more huge dirt mounds that were so steep I had to slide down! Half of the 2nd mile was directly uphill, so steep we were at a total incline! We raced down the other side, hopped a series of 6' walls, then attacked a whole bunch more hills and water pits, some of which had tape over the top so we had to crawl underneath! The entire thing was punctuated by explosions and helicopters! We trudged up around the bend and realized we had sharp gravel in our shoes! We dug it out as best we could and then did it all AGAIN! We must be crazy! Most people just did the 5k, the other people on the 10k were mostly hardcore athletes who were way ahead of us. We finished second to last HA! I don't care how long it took, the point was we took each obstacle as it came, put one foot in front of the other, and never gave up! Reminds me of living with NF2 while being saturated with mud! The pictures show the easiest part of the course that went along the spectator space, trust me when I tell you these were the smallest hills and most shallow pits! We finished the run and got rinsed off by a bunch of firemen! My friend Michelle was there taking pics, check out her page for pics of her boys doing the kids Fun Run! I was so jealous they got cute little medals, I wanted a medal!
I'm home now and ready to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day!!


Michelle R. said...

Girl you did awesome. I am totally doing it next year only the 5K though.
I spent most of the time watching thinking I wanna do that to.

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Fantastic! What a great experience!
We will see you Monday!


Cherish said...

You should be so proud of yourself! It looked like tons of fun!

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