Friday, September 12, 2008

Maybe I should go to medical school...

Yesterday I saw a gynecologist about my ovarian cysts. I have had a lot of pain where no woman should ever have pain, and an ultrasound turned up ovarian cysts. My neurologist said it could possibly be related to NF2, and more then a few women on the Crew have had similar problems. I waited a month to see this doctor. She walked into the room and told me everything was normal. I told her no, I have ovarian cysts. She said yes, that that was normal. I explained to her I have NF2, and that I was experiencing severe pain, and still she refused to do anything. I asked her what I should do for the pain, and she suggested pain medication. I am going to save my rant about doctors irresponsibly prescribing addictive painpills to patients when they are too lazy or indifferent to an ailment. Suffice it to say I very clearly explained to her I was not looking for a pat on the back or a sympathy prescription. I told her pain down "there" is not normal. She said yes, it is. I understand that cysts are not a huge deal, but given my descriptions of pain and my medical history she could have at least suggested monitoring the growths in a few months, the only thing she would write, repeatedly, was "There is nothing I can do." After driving all the way to Pomona and sitting in a dingy waiting room for an hour with a cranky 2 year old, she was wasting my time with this nonsense? I looked her right in the eye as I stood and told her I was going back to my GP for a "real referral." Why do people who have no urge to help people become doctors?

Today I had my lumbar spine and neck MRIs. I had a really awesome tech who was amazingly friendly! I always have to deal with supposed professionals who eye me cautiously because I am deaf but can speak as a hearing person. What reason could I possibly have for pretending to be deaf? The girl took me in and was ready with paper and a pen, being very thorough and making sure I was comfortable. After my MRIs I asked her to be sure to request my previous MRIs from the last MRI place I had been (a whole 'nother story!) so that they could compare my tumors, she chirped happily that it was already done! You have no idea how amazing it is to come across somebody in the medical field who actually acts without being instructed, it was great to be the patient and feel cared for!

I will have the second half of my MRIs next Thursday and then wait patiently for my neurologist to review my scans. Pray that I have had no growth and the Propolis is working! I don't know how to respond if it isn't... I spent the rest of today running errands but feeling very lethargic, MRIs are not painful or even intimidating to me in any way, but somehow they always leech all of my energy. I stumbled through the day with the kids and am looking forward to Paul getting home momentarily and sitting down to a big bowl of spaghetti squash, and definitely a glass of wine!

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Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

By all means! Medical school! It would be wonderful to have someone like you caring for why NOT you!

Arrrgggghhhh! Everyone of us can relate in some way to the insensitivity of many in the medical field!

Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Jennifer :-)

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