Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok I totally flaked on myself today! I was supposed to run and did not go! I will try to do it when Paul gets home. 5 miles today and tomorrow, then the Mud Run Saturday are it for this week. I am totally nervous about the Mud Run! I am going to have my little cousin take a bunch of pictures to post of me just covered in slop!

Today was Mica's first day of playschool, her friend Olivia from the Fabulous Moms is in her class! She was not having it at circle time and kept trying to escape until they started singing a song with hand movements. I noticed out of all the children she was the first to pick up the hand movements and I have no doubt it is because she is learning sign language. The concept of communicating by gesture is innate to her at this point. I really feel there are massive educational benefits derived from children learning sign language as babies. They are better able to express their needs at a younger age and have less frustration. Today was the only parent participation day of the class, starting Monday Mica is on her own!

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