Thursday, September 25, 2008

What if Megan Fox did wear Spanx?

I hate Megan Fox. Seriously, who looks like that? I have to constantly remind myself she has not pushed out 2 perfect and beautiful children, but something tells me if she ever does she will still look gorgeous doing it. Ok so I am being a hater, too bad, we all do it sometimes. At least I'm hating on a celebrity and not someone I know! I did a quick 2 miles at Redhill Park this morning, which has a couple nice little hills to push the stroller up. Then I headed to the gym and got on the elliptical until I had burned 500 calories, I pushed and it took about 40 minutes. Headed upstairs for strength training and was doing great until I was summoned by the child care girl to change a dirty diaper. Mica was not about to go back at that point so we are at home, and I'm sucking down lots of protein. Only 2 days until my birthday party and my little red dress, something tells me I will be wearing spanx. I don't think Megan Fox ever has to wear spanx, another reason I hate her...

1 comment:

Michelle R. said...

Girl you might be surprised the actresses that do wear Spanx.
All your running has you looking great

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