Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crossing the Finish Line!

My... abs.... hurt... I have been so focused on them over the last week they just screech everytime I take a step. Adding fast sprints to my shorter runs has really given my training a much needed kick in the ass. My girlfriend Jolene and I have started doing some runs together, and it is so refreshing to have company and not be the only lunatic flailing down the road. Today we're running the 3 miles to the gym, weight training, then running back and doing yoga at my place. I'm actually looking forward to it, and know I will be deliciously sore tomorrow. Even now my mind's eye is distracted, tempted to put on my shoes and just run straight to the top of Day Creek where I can look out over the entire city and then enjoy the windy jog back down. I just have to avoid the black hole of the sofa, and stop taking little "vacations" from my routine for every tiny reason, and the next thing I know I will be crossing the marathon finish line in Long Beach and partying on the beach without hiding under a cover up!

As CTF Team Captain I'm encouraging all of you to join us in Long Beach and get running! We have a team of 433 Ironworkers running the 5k, and a team of local Mommy's walking the 5K in tiaras, a couple of friends are signing up for the 1/2 and full, and there will definitely be an after party so we can down a few much deserved ice cold beers! If you are interested then sign up here with the NF Endurance Team, then go here and sign up for your event at the race registration website! If you plan on running the full in around 5 hours contact me, I would love to have someone to run with, so who wants to cross the finish line with me?

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