Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Tish

My Mom once told me she was happy I have a stepmom like Tish to help me through the rest of my life I would have to live without her. She knew that the day I got married, Tish would fit my veil and fluff my dress, and that Tish would be at my college graduation, and that I would turn to her for the advice my Mom would be unable to provide. I can't imagine, as a Mother, how painful that would be. Tish is the one who pointed all of this out to me. Tish is the first one in my life to ever give me an ongoing stable source of constructive criticism. She has become the rock in our family, the person who doesn't allow my Dad and I to feel sorry for ourselves or get away with the debauchery of years past. Before Tish, there were no expectations, only a liberal-hippie parallel existence between my Dad and I. She swept in quietly, respectful of her boundaries, and then slowly knocked them all down and slapped a bit of sense into us all. She's brutally honest, and as the saying goes she suffers no fools. She's also really fun to get drunk with and always provides free liquor and food, people love her for that, especially me! She did fluff my dress on my wedding day, the wedding that she planned within a week and people still talk about to this day. She did celebrate my college graduation with me, and bought me pearls while telling me that every woman needs pearls. I do turn to her for advice, and when I don't, she still gives it to me, and I don't know what I would do without it.
Happy Mother's Day Grantish!!

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Tish said...

You humble me, my dear. I love you and will always give you advice, asked for or not. And we will always laugh and have fun together. You have made my life complete.

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