Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking Forward

I am officially registered as a student at Chaffey College... again. I have my AA already, but want to go back and take the classes that interested me, but were not useful toward my degree. I am nervous to sit in a classroom full of students a bit younger than I am, with a transcriptionist following me to each class setting up and typing everything being said for me. I am incredibly lucky to be able to attend classes and have a transcriptionist, but no one wants everyone to turn and stare at them on the first day of school!

I have to let the negative just fall behind me, as I always do, and look ahead to my goals. I already have taken several fashion design classes, and plan to take all of the sewing classes so I can make extra cash doing alterations and private sales. At the same time I plan on taking more ASL classes, philosophy, religion, and of course creative writing!! I think it would be great if everyone had the chance to pursue an education that includes the things that really interest them, I am so blessed to be able to, and am anxious to get started! Fall is going to be amazing, Mica will be in school in the mornings, allowing me to train for my marathon without having to leave her with a sitter. My mornings will be filled with higher learning and faster running! *Never give up hope*


Anonymous said...

You'll be the most popular student in class!
Everyone will be asking you for copies of your "notes."

Enjoy it!


Heather said...

i have to agree with what "anonymous" said (although u arent supposed to fwd ur notes to anyone)

im looking fwd to more hand made shoulder bags :-) whoo hoo!

good luck!

文章 said...
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