Friday, May 8, 2009

Milk is for Babies

No other species drinks the milk of another species. No other animal drinks milk past infanthood. Milk is meant to encourage growth in the offspring of the nursing creature. Dairy cows are kept in horrible, tight, cramped conditions. They are unable to even turn around or lay down for hours at a time. When they give birth to a calf the baby is immediately taken away, and the cows are known to cry and bellow, kicking the walls in their tiny dirty stalls in pain. If you don't care about how the cows are treated, then consider the disgusting health conditions of thousands of dirty cows in the heat covered with flies dripping their mastitis infected pus into the milk that is forced out of them by hormone abuse. Milk is nothing but fat and cholesterol, all the nutrients the dairy association has convinced you that you "need" from milk can easily be attained by other healthier sources. The calcium so highly touted by the dairy conglomerates actually comes from the plants the cows eat! Cheese, butter, all other dairy products contain even higher levels of cholesterol and fat than plain milk. Stop drinking dairy, and see how quickly you stop bloating throughout the week.

Personally I still struggle with cheese. I have easily replaced milk with vitamin enriched rice milk, and yogurt with SO Good coconut milk yogurt. But cheese, my evil lover, I give you up and you are back the next day, covering a delicious piece of veggie pizza. Hey, I'm working on it, and I will get there!

I don't give my children milk either, and limit their other dairy intake. I like to think I am raising them to view animals and simple creatures who inhabit the Earth the same as we do, not walking vending machines put here for our unappreciative abuse. My kids don't go to the circus, where beautiful wild animals are dragged from town to town in cages. They only eat meat when we visit other people's houses, and I hope that eventually they choose not to eat carcass at all. I do leave that decision up to them, and as of now JT is a proud little carnivore.

My little Mica, Paul thought he had her on his nasty flesh eating side, but Mica adores animals. She has since she was very litte, and I have a feeling as insensitive as she can be that God's furry creatures are her soft spot. At Amy's Farm yesterday we saw a cow, and the other Moms asked their children what comes from cows, to which they smartly replied Milk! I asked Mica, baby what comes from a cow? She said... "a baby cow!" That's my girl.

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