Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thus Spoke JT

God is dead. This is what my 6 year old came and told me the other day. It wasn't the first time, but this time he seemed a bit more determined to get some answers out of me. His best friend is Christian, and in reference to Jesus keeps insisting God is dead. JT has no idea who Jesus is, or how he could be God, and seems confused by the entire idea. Really, who isn't? So I told JT God is not dead, She will live forever, and we all came from her. In the past this was sufficient, but this time he dug his little heels in, and said no, God is dead! I really am not ready to discuss with him the complexities of philosophy. I don't want to tell him that people worship different variations of God. I don't want to tell him people go to war over it, and vote over it, and generally do not agree on it at all. How can I tell him one minute that all love comes from God, and the next inform him that most war does as well? He is too little to separate the idea of religion from spirituality. So I give him the same answer we all believed when we were little: God created you, He loves you, He will live forever, and He cannot die.

Why can't we all keep it that simple?

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