Friday, May 1, 2009


2 nine minute miles followed by 2 miles of 2 minute hard intervals. That is my favorite new run! Hard enough to make my abs ache when I try to run after Mica, but short enough that I am not motivated to eat everything in my house within hours of finishing my protein shake. With Paul home a lot more lately my workout routine has been de-prioritized, and I am struggling to find the time to run the 20 miles a week I have committed too. People have told me running is just my hobby, and such is life. If you ever call running a hobby, then you don't know me very well. Runner defines me as much as Mother does, and we all have the right to be the person we see ourselves as. So I squeeze in my hard run and breathe deeply 3 times instead of 5 in each yoga pose, I sneak in my 200 sit ups while the kids take a bath, and politely decline a 2nd glass of wine over dinner. So every moment I am consumed by my responsibilities I am still living as a runner, because when you run you are a runner between runs no matter how far in between they may be.

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