Saturday, October 11, 2008

*cough* *cough*

I'm freaking sick!! Yesterday my throat was a bit raw, and when I whined to Wendy she said my voice totally cracked. Usually I dig the whole deep throaty voice thing, but not this weekend! Not when I've raised over $3000 and am running 13 miles at 7 am! I have worked so hard and had a fear I would either hurt myself running or get sick. My friend Cherish who is running too hurt her ankle! OMG I just right now found out my other running friend Jennifer's son swallowed a quarter! What's with the bad race juju?? My awesome mother in law made me green tea with honey and lemon. Side note: I hate tea, I hate honey, and I hate lemon! I know I'm weird but whatever. I choked down 2 cups and it helped a bit, but as of now its becoming a full blown sinus infection. No way am I quitting, I will load up on sinus meds and nasty green tea and suck it up. So if you come down to the race watch for me stumbling in at the finish with a swollen puffy throat and a huge smile on my face!

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Cindy said...

late but whatever. how could anyone hate honey ?? much less tea n honey. tsk tsk. keep running, ;)

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