Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Ran Long Beach!

I'm home already! It was a long 2 days!

The Hyatt was so gorgeous and we had a beautiful view!

It felt great to escape for a couple of days with Paul and meet the Children's Tumor Foundation NF Endurance Team! All of the people I met were absolutely wonderful, and it was inspiring to see so many come together for a common cause. I was the only person with NF2 there, but CTF did an awesome job organizing everything, and everyone was so determined and had only good intentions.

I met this girl Jenny who has NF2 but was told she has NF1 and NF2, which isn't really possible! She is the sweetest thing and I will definitely be keeping in touch with her!

The course was beautiful and I passed the time thinking about the long NF2 journey so many of my family and friends have suffered through. I realized that without NF2 my life would be completely different, and I love my life, so what is is what is meant to be. I prayed and envisioned my Mom hugging me at the finish. I know she would be so proud. No, I don't believe she was watching. I can't stand to think she may still be attached to this life, she is somewhere so very far away from all of the pain of this world. But today a small piece of her ran 13 miles!

I have video of my "big" finish and will get it posted as soon as I can, blogspot wont let it load right now!

Paul was incredibly supportive, as always, and helped out with anything he could. He really motivates me to be a better person and while I was running I found myself praying. I was just giving thanks to God for all of my blessings, and I know Paul is a wonderful blessing in my life. He's pretty lucky to have me too of course! He is out helping a friend right now but has promised me a leg rub, glass of wine, and Desperate Housewives tonight! How lucky can a girl be?

My Daz came!!! He is really into sports so I loved knowing I made him proud by finally being athletic at something! I didn't even trip! He seemed really interested in the race and said 19,000 people raced, including an 80 year old man!

To top it all off Paul bought me a beautiful cloche with a bow at the hat store! What did you all really think I had left my girlie side behind?

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported me! This is the beginning, not the end!! I plan to run the half marathons in:

Las Vegas, December 7, 2009
Surf City Huntington Beach, February 1, 2009
Rock'N'Roll Marathon San Diego, May 31st, 2009
San Francisco Marathon, July 26th, 2009

I will only actively fundraise once a year, but donations for NF2 research are always gratefully welcomed. You can visit CTF for more information!


woodelf said...

Wow, that is incredible!! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

~ Ya Go Girl ! ~
I am sooo proud of you !!!

Many Blessings & Big Hugs!!!

love u

Cherish said...

You rocked! So good seeing you there today! I am considering Vegas. I did San Diego Rock & Roll as my first one and hated the course so I don't think I will be there again! Good luck with everything girl!

KC said...

yay Olivia! u rock~!!

Rebecca said...

Although rare, some patients have been found to have mainfestations of both NF1 and NF2. There are people with NF1 who exhibit some symptoms of NF2 and vice versa (NF2 people who also have peripheral tumors which are more the hallmark of NF1).

Good job on the run! YOu are amazing to be able to do it! Anne just finished the NYC marathon. Here, I had a hard time just finishing over 3 miles in the rain this evening.

Wow! You are doing another so soon? Is running something you really like to do (has always been a hobby for you)?

Cute costume by the way. Did you buy it or make it? I am not skilled enough to make one so I had to buy one and had a difficult time finding something that would fit me.

Olivia Hernandez said...

Beck, yes I do love to run! When I can't get out for a run I get all antsy LOL. If you are talking about my Halloween costume, yes I made the skirt with the tulle underneath, but already had the corset! Sewing is another one of my hobbies and I took it in college.

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