Monday, October 27, 2008

Running away...

This weekend was the longest weekend ever. A bunch of difficult things happened in my family, private, scary, and shocking all at the same time. Everyone is home and safe for now. I hate how anxious I feel when anything threatens our little family unit. I couldn't eat or sleep, or even relax to watch TV and zone out. I have to learn to just focus on the positive. Like how Mica has made up a sign for "Go, Diego, Go" and was really pissed off I didn't understand her made up sign! How JT pops up in the morning and runs off to school, his own little life already taken on it's own independence. I think it would help if I could just take off for a solid 10 mile run, but my gums are still not healed up and I have to wait another week! Once that week is up I will enjoy buckling down and getting ready for the Las Vegas half-marathon December 7th! See, I am cheered up just thinking about it. So when the anxiety puts my stomach in knots I will just pretend I am on a run, with nothing but cool air and open road around me, free from all constraints.

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Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hang in there, Kiddo!

Jennifer :-D

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