Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 4

I am somehow getting worse and not better! It's probably my lame attempt to wean off the vicodin, but I can't stay on that stuff and take care of the kids. Plus Mica had to wear a size 1 diaper I dug up in the back of the closet yesterday, so I am pretty sure I have to finally leave the house and do some shopping.

So Wednesday Clara took Mica to school and comes back with this art project the kids did. I said what is it? It's a tooth? She laughed and said no, its a ghost! To which Mica says, Boo! Paul comes home and I ask him, what does this look like to you? He answers sperm. Sperm. So obviously this playschool project is some crazy psychological evaluation tool, everyone who looks into it sees into their sub-conscious. I threw it away, I can't possibly keep every scribble the child does, don't judge me! She actually goes into the trash and brings it to me and tells me NO NO! Which is ridiculous and a little bit genious of her. She has never cared before about her random projects, but apparently she recognizes the power she holds everytime she shows it to someone and reveals their innermost secrets.

What do you see?


Anonymous said...

Some kind of weird albino squid... :0)


Anonymous said...

I see Pants with two eye balls lol

Anonymous said...

You are such a fag....its a GHOST! You know you laughed when I told you that. Whatever...I see it! :)
Tell Paul he is a pervert. lol


Rebecca said...

a white pair of pants with some eyeballs on them! LOL Oh my gosh! I just read that someone else saw the exact same thing\! Too funny!

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