Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I finally have my post-op today! I plan on getting approval to start running again! I am not sure if it will hurt but I don't really care, I'll run anyway. My training plan this time is to get a good solid hill run in once a week on top of my regular long runs and quick runs. There is a great hill right by me, heading up Vineyard next to Redhill, then the little streets turning up from there all are short steep little hills. I'll run them until I can make it up without stopping.

Next week I am getting a video phone! I met Bill at my ASL group, he said his wife reads my blog (hi!) and told me about how VPs can help deaf people communicate better and emote more than relay conversations. Now I just need someone to call, who else has a videophone?


Heather said...

you might wanna look into getting a captel

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Amanda has a VP. You can always call her!

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