Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Perfect Run

I still have not gotten any word from my doctor or the MRI place about my results. It shouldn't take this long, its such a simple process, but it always does. I've been keeping myself busy running. I found a perfect run on Wednesday, 5 miles, lots of slight hills, culminating in one super steep hill I almost had to crawl up before reaching the top and gazing down at a beautiful view of North Rancho. I sped down the other side and felt like I was flying.

Today my friend Crystal is coming over and should have all the pictures from my bday! I will post them as soon as I have them!


Cindy said...

No news is good news!

michelle2005 said...

Young Lady YOU are an inspiration! I followed your 'foot-prints' here from another site...and am glad I did.

I trust that just as you run...that success is running just as hard with you.


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